Bluegate 5KVA 48V Inverter


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This AVR-series uses advanced control technology made with reliable components. It is a new type of AC automatic regulator with an automatic control system. It has the features of wide input voltage range, high reliability, better-stabilized output voltage, energy saving. This inverter series also contains a powerful smart charger. These inverters produce pure sine wave hence a good source of utility backup power for all type of equipment. However, they can also be used as a UPS for computers. This 5kva Bluegate inverter would easily power your deep freezers and it uses only 2 batteries. making your inverter battery and other installation cost cheaper in Nigeria.


Durable and Reliable Microprocessor-based Inverter/ChargerUltra, Clean pure sine wave output with less than 5% Total Harmonic Distortion, Suitable for all types of load like Resistive, Inductive and Rectified Load, User-friendly Digital Display/Interface, Powerful 300% surge power low sleep mode power consumption of less than 5W, Phase & Frequency synchronization auto-tracing for seamless transfer time, Programmable larger current, three-stage battery charging, Long backup time up to 10hours (based on the battery bank and loads)Easy to install and maintain

Model: BG5500
Output Power: 3500W
Voltage: 150V – 254V
Nominal Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz(Auto-sensing)
Generator Mode: Yes
Nominal Voltage: 220V10%
Nominal Frequency: 50Hz ñ 0.3Hz
Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
Surge Protection: 10500W
Efficiency: 80%
Power save mode: 20W
Load transfer Time: 16H4msProtection: Overload/Short Circuit/OverheatTHD: 5%
Inductive/Motor load: Yes
Resistive/Rectifier load: YesNominal Voltage: 24VDCDC
Voltage Range: 20V – 30V
Charging Current: 10A – 80A
Charging Voltage: 26V – 30V
Charging Stage: 3 stage – Bulk, Boost & float
User Interface: LCD, LED and BuzzerOperating Temperature: 0C – 40COperating
Humidity: 5% – 95%RH
Cooling: Variable Speed FansWall Mount: Yes
Technical Details:
Gross Weight: 23kg
Dimensions(DxWxH)mm: 465x225x185
Packing (DxWxH)mm: 630x360x268

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Weight23 kg