BlueGate 1.5kva-24V Solar Inverter

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BlueGate 1.5kva-24V Solar InverterBlueGate 1.5kva-24V Solar Inverter

The BLUE GATE Hybrid Solar Inverter uses both energy from the sun and utility company/power generator to provide clean energy when utility power source is down. The BLUE GATE Solar inverter is ideal to power appliances and equipment for homes, offices, industries/ critical infrastructure such as medical equipment, elevators, etc. To further complement the end-user?s lifestyle, it is interesting to let you know that the BLUE GATE Hybrid Solar Inverter is idea for beach houses, country homes, construction sites, etc. that are not accessible to power supply from the utility company. So whether On-grid or Off-grid,

the BLUE GATE Hybrid Solar Inverters provides a more reliable source of power supply for the end-users at all times. BLUE GATE Hybrid Solar Inverters are EXTREMELY RUGGED & RELIABLE to accommodate our different end-user?s lifestyle. They are suitable for various classes of users from homes, offices to large scale industrial users

Models BGS1500

Power 1000W
Battery Voltage 24Vdc
Features Benefits to Users
& Wall Mounted The BGS1500, BGS2500, BGS3000 easily fit into any available space. Their light weight design gives the wall-mounting capability, leaving you with enough ground space for battery connections.
DSP Technology Digital Signal and Output time control technology
LCD Indications for Battery Level & Load Levels with Bar Graph.

Intelligent Charging Smartly designed to know when and where to choose sufficient source of power to charge the batteries.
This same feature is functional in running electrical loads that are connected to the Inverter.
Inbuilt Charge Controller Ensures that the right amount of voltage and current reach the battery to charge it efficiently.
Also prevents reverse flow of current from batteries to panel during nightime when voltage of battery is more than that of panel
LCD/LED Display To monitor important information about the inverter performance

Connected loads are not restarted during changeover times
Protective Edge
100% Protection for all Appliances (Rugged Technology)
Overload with auto reset function
Battery deep discharge protection
Over load and short circuit protection
Over temperature protection
Noiseless in performance
Pollution free
Advanced battery management

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