BLUE GATE 1KVA – 12V Inverter


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– Intelligent long time mode
– Fully digitized microprocessor controlled
– Wide input voltage window
– Energy-saving function with UPS green mode
– Short circuit and overload protection
– Cold start
– Intelligent battery management
– Compatible with generators
– SMD technology
– Battery swappable
– Bypass output

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BLUE GATE 1KVA – 12V Inverter

This AVR-series uses advanced control technology made with reliable components. It is a new type of AC automatic regulator with the automatic control system. It has the features of wide input voltage range, high reliability, better-stabilized output voltage, energy saving. It can be used to supply stabilized power to lights, Television, air-conditioner, refrigerator, computer, and other household equipment; School, Office.

Wide input voltage range (Super Low model also available)
Over-voltage, Low voltage, delayed output, short circuit and High-temperature protection
Classic series, EI transformer, relay type
Input and output voltage meter display
Circuit breaker
Efficiency: 98%
Model: BG1000
Output Power: 900W
Input Voltage Rating: 220VAC
Input Frequency rating: 50Hz

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