BlueGate 4KVA UPS. Pure Sine Wave 4000VA

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With the Blue Gate Pure Sine Wave Line Interactive UPS series, you get not just the power backup your equipment needs for uninterrupted operation, but also full AVR function. Automatic voltage regulation is not onlyprotective, but also means extended power availability. The AVR effects tabilises power that would otherwise be unsuitable for equipment to function, meaning you can now use them far more. The Blue Gate 4000VA line interactive UPS, BG4000, also delivers pure sine wave output. The pure sine wave output waveform of the Blue Gate means your equipment get
clean pure sine wave power which is best for your sensitive, high-value equipment.

The Blue Gate 4000VA Pure Sine Wave Line Interactive UPS (BG4000) will meet your UPS requirement for PCs, Workstations, Office Equipment, Home Appliances, POS Machines, and other similar devices.
This Blue Gate UPS series has wide input voltage range of 165V – 280V which means extended availability of supply, as the UPS is able to stabilise the power fluctuations within that range. That’s also enhanced by its frequency tolerance range of 45 – 65 Hz which accomodates a range of frequency problems. You also get a battery of other built-in protections that the UPS offers to keep equipment powered by it safe.
That includes Overload protection, Short Circuit protection, etc. Its audio alarm system will notify you of any system problems that develop

Blue Gate BG3500 UPS Features

Microprocessor-based Digital Control
Wide Input Voltage and Frequency Range
Pure Sine Wave Output Waveform – safer for equipment)
Self detection of input Frequency
Battery Self Diagnosis
Full AVR Function
Switch ON and OFF Automatically

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