BlueGate 1.2KVA UPS (BG 1200)



  • 720w power output rating
  • Fully digitized microprocessor control
  • Wide input voltage & frequency range
  • High-performance SMD technology; Boost & buck AVR
  • Intelligent battery management
  • 3 LED indicators for monitoring
  • Lightning & surge protection; Short circuit & overload protection
  • Peace of mind when you buy from
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The Blue Gate 1200VA UPS (BG1200), which is a 1.2kva UPS, provides a power output rating of 720 watts, capable of supporting a set of office devices or some home appliances. With the Blue Gate 1200VA, you can be sure of power backup for the supported equipment, ensuring your work is protected in the event of sudden power failure. It also enables you to switch to the alternative power supply, without sudden disruption.

The Blue Gate 1200 is suitable for use with computers, workstations, printers and other equipment within its capacity. At home, It can support your televisions, music system, decoder, PCs, internet modem, etc.

With the Blue Gate UPS brand, you can be sure of reliable UPS performance with good backup performance. Bluegate UPS also delivers the durability any user would expect. Its advanced features mean you get the quality performance and effective power backup. Check some of the features:



  • Line interactive design with higher efficiency
  • Fully digitized microprocessor control
  • High-performance SMD technology
  • Wide input voltage & frequency range
  • Boost & buck AVR
  • 3 LED indicators for monitoring
  • Lightning & surge protection
  • Short circuit & overload protection
  • Energy-saving function with UPS green mode
  • Automatically charging in UPS off mode
  • Automatically self-detection when start-up
  • Auto restart while AC recovery
  • Intelligent battery management
  • RJ45, USB (optional)

You enjoy the product warranty of the manufacturer when you buy this product from That warranty is backed by our service centre support where expert maintenance is provided.

This Bluegate UPS unit will take computers and computer peripherals or domestic equipment such as TVs up to Plasma TV, decoders and such domestic electrical appliances. Bluegate UPS has gained a lot of recognition in the Nigerian market as a reliable UPS system. More users are going for this product because of the unique combination of satisfactory performance and best pricing. Blue Gate UPS is relatively more affordable and still able to deliver quality performance.
BlueGate UPS can be sure to protect the system from damage, especially an unpleasant crash when the power supply suddenly fails. Being able to achieve this protection with a relatively inexpensive uninterruptible power supply unit is certainly a benefit you should take advantage of.

More importantly, you prevent loss of vital data and other digital resources that can result from a sudden power outage, when there is no UPS backup.

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Key Features

Wide input voltage window
Cold start function
Intelligent CPU control
SMD technology to save space
Protection for short circuit and overload

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