PowerFlex MIG IGBT Inverter MIG MAG MMA Welding Machine 400-Fi



PowerFlex MIG IGBT Inverter MIG MAG MMA Welding Machine 400-Fi

Jash Supplies Nigeria is the distributor of Powerflex products in Nigeria, our PowerFlex MIG IGBT Inverter MIG MAG MMA Welding Machine 400-Fi. is a Welder with Advanced IGBT inverter technology, with multifunction specification as MIG MAG CO2 and MMA welding

Features of this welding machine:
Good protection for under voltage, over voltage and over current, this makes this welder safe and reliable
Comes with exact digital current preset, this makes the welder easy to operate
Advanced IGBT inverter technology, high working frequency, high working efficiency and energy saving.
High Voltage and slow leading are striking. no exploding wire, removing tip ball at arc ending.
Constant voltage/constant current output characteristic, one machine with MIG/CO2/MMA welding.
With arc ending working mode, it reduces the working intensity greatly.
Fitted and purposed design that is humane for easy operation
Fitted with Trick-proof design, which ensures stable and reliable especuially in adverse condition.

Technical specifications:
Input Voltage (V): AC380V
Rated input capacity (KVA): 17
Rated input current (A) : 32
No-Load Voltage (V): 72
Duty cycle (%): 60%
Current adjusting range (A): 60-400
Rated Output (V) : 16-34
Welding thickness 0.8mm- 15mm
Suitable Wire: 0.8/1/1.2
Wire Lead rate (m/min): 3-41
Gas Flow (L/Min): 8-15
Overall dimension (mm) : 540 X 220 X 425
Weight (kg) : 30
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Weight30 kg