Maxmech Battery Charger CD 550S


Maxmech Battery Charger CD 550S

Our Powerflex Battery charger CD 550S is a single-phase wheeled vertical type lead acid battery charger, it is strong and very high-quality products that have sold a lot in the Nigerian Market, known for high-level use within the automotive and industrial services area.

The best features of Powerflex Battery charger CD 550S

Single-phase wheeled and Vertical type battery charger used for Lead-acid batteries
Exquisitely designed for stable charging current
This product is equipped with ammeter and overload protection
Slow charge, boost charge and quick start mode is selectable with this charger
Suitable for a battery charger for cars, trucks, vans and light trucks
The charger can quick start for cars and truck charging

What is supplied with this charger
This charger is supplied with Charging cable, charging clamps and fuses

Product specifications: CD-350S CD-550S
Frequency (HZ) 50 50
Rated input Voltage 230 230V
Input Power (W) 600 780
Charging Voltage (V) 12/24 12/24
Rated current (A) 40 75″

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Weight15.1 kg