Mastech My68 Multimeter


Mastech MY-68 – Digital Multimeter

Perfect for engineer and technician. MY68 Digital Multimeter 3 and 3/4 digits with automatic range selection. Frequency measurement up to 200kHz.
Max. LCD display3260
Range selectionmanual/automatic
DC voltage400m/4/40/400V ?ñ0,7%,
n1000V ?ñ0,8%
AC voltage400m ?ñ3,0%,
n4/40/400V ?ñ0,8%,
n750V ?ñ1,0%
DC current0,4/4/40/400mA ?ñ1,2%,
n10A ?ñ2,0%
AC current0,4/4/40/400mA 1,5%,
n10A ?ñ3,0%
Resistance400/4k/40k/400k/4M?? ?ñ1,2%,
n40M?? ?ñ2,0%
Capacity4n ?ñ5,0%,
n40n/400n/4?æ/40?æ/200?æF ?ñ3,0%
Frequency10/100/1k/10k/100k/200kHz ?ñ2,0%
Bandwidth40 ?ú 1000 Hz
Diode test1mA / 1,5V
hFE testIb=10?æA / Vce=2,8V
Sound signaling< 50 ??
Data holdyes
Battery indicatoryes
Impedance10 M??
Power9V 6F22 battery

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