ADDO Solar Inverter 4KVA/48V

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ADDO Solar Inverter 4KVA/48V

ADDO Solar Inverter 4KVA/48V is the best inverter among its peers in Nigeria 

Why Choose ADDO Solar Inverter 4KVA/48V

  • User-friendly front panel
  • Provides an extra layer of protection of your Devices: AC Reset, DC Fuse PROTECTION.
  • Metal Oxide Varistor -Protect against transient overvoltage’s

Features of ADDO Solar Inverter 4KVA/48V

  • Single Card Reliability with DSP Technology.
  • Multi-Color LCD Display.
  • Frequency Available: 50/60Hz.
  • Smart Battery Charging with Setable all Parameters.
  • Best Regulated Output.
  • Sine wave Output.
  • Battery Charging at Low Voltage.
  • Maintain Battery Health for Longer Life.
  • Easy Installation and Low Maintenance.
  • Protections: RBP, OVL, BL, OBC, SC, IHV, ILV & Lightening.
  • Compatible with DG as an Input Source.
  • Compatible for Computer Load.
  • Compatible with SMF, Gel & Tubular Batteries.

Addo Inverters and batteries offers the best range of Inverter and batteries in Nigeria at the best price,
Both Tubular solar battery and Standard battery is available  at the most cost effective price and the Quality compares with those of Luminous and Blue gate product are authorized dealers and seller  of  Addo solar inverters and Batteries in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Warri, Kano, Kaduna and all over Nigeria



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ADDO SOLAR INVERTERS is the most Reliable brand in Nigeria when it comes to Renewable Energy (Solarpanel,  Inverters and Batteries) with long warranty (as much as 24 months) and affordable pricing with Quality Rivalling Brands Like Luminous and Bluegate Inverters
Delivery is  possible in Lagos, Abuja, Warri, Port Harcourt, kano and all over Nigeria.