Powerflex Air compressor Gasoline driven 5.5HP 100 liters Tank


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Powerflex Air compressor Gasoline driven 5.5HP 100 Liters tank

jash Supplies Nigeria is the distributor of Powerflex products in Nigeria, Our Powerflex Air compressor Gasoline driven 5.5HP 100 liters Tank is an engine driven air compressor powered with Gasoline fuel.

Features of this air compressor

Model No. V-0.25Q
Power (HP) 5.5
Tank Capacity (Lts) 100
Drive Type gasoline Engine Phase (?) 1
Speed (RPM) 950
Discharge Pressure: BAR 8
PSI: 115
Capacity:CFM 8
L/Min: 250

We have successfully supplied 1,000 + installation around Various cities in Nigeria We wish to state and confirm that we deal with high quality and ISO certified compressor manufacturers and exporters accross the globe our product range is Low pressure and high pressure reciprocating piston type air compressor 12kg to 40kg pressure range, high pressure and low pressure air receiver tank 30 liters to 300,000 liters capacity, 100% salient oil free air compressor for food and pharmaceutical companies, Car washing pump for automobile industries, Diesel driven & petrol driven + electric driven mobile trolley mounted air compressor, Refrigerated air dryer systems along with moisture separator and oil removal micro filter sets.

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