Lockout Safety Valve Lockout Kit Large


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The Lockout Safety Large Valve Lockout Kit is ideally suited to the industrial operation where complex lockout actions have to be taken on large gate, ball or butterfly valves. The set comes with handy bag and is excellent for portable use.

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This kit includes the following products for a Large Valve Lockout kit:

1 x 16.5 cm to 25.4 cm Gate Valve Lockout
1 x 25.4 cm to 35.5 cm Gate Valve Lockout
1 x Adjustable Gate Valve Lockout
1 x Ball Valve Lockout with an Extended Lever
1 x Ball Valve Lockout ? Large Size
1 x Universal Butterfly Valve Lockout Device
1 x Small Size Settable Ball Valve Lockout ? Set
1 x Additional Arm ? Small and 1 x Additional Arm ? Large
1 x Large Size Settable Ball Valve Lockout ? Set
1 x UVL with 2 meter Galvanized Steel Cable with loop

2 x MMCL with 2.5 mtr. Stainless Steel Cable
1 x Small Vinyl Coated Hasp and 2 x Premier Vinyl Coated Hasps
1 x Scorpio Two-way Hasp
1 x Hasp ? Stainless Steel
1 x Large Size Plug Cover
2 x Long Shackle Padlock set
20 x Saf-T-Lockout Tags
20 x Saf-T-Lockout Ties
1 x Writing Pen and 1 x Lockout Booklet
1 x Valve Kit Lockout Bag  03

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