Home Decor 100W LED Flood Light


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Product Specification for Homes Decor 100W LED Flood Light Set Of 2, IP-65
Application1. Architectural Lighting
2. Signage and retail space
3. Stadiums
4. Buildings and parks
5. Stage Lighting
6. Parking Lots
7. General Site Illumination
Beam SpreadTo calculate total light spread of the flood light, please use the following formula:
Beam Angle X 0.018 X Distance = Beam Spread
Beam Angle = 60 degree
Distance = Distance from light, in feet
Beam Spread = Wide spread of light, in feet
Brand NameHomes Decor View all products of Homes Decor
Depth5 Cms
Height24 Cms
Ideal SettingIdeal area setting to wattage table:
9 to 40 sq.m – 10W to 30W
50 to 80 sq.m – 40W to 60W
100 to 200 sq.m – 70W to 120W
> 200 sq.m – 150W to 250W
Includes2 Pcs of 100 W Led Flood Light
Part Number100.01
Product InformationLED flood lights are energy efficient lighting fixtures that are able to illuminate large sections of outdoor areas such as buildings, parks, gardens, stadiums etc. While these can be used both for indoor and outdoor applications depending on the wattage, but due to their unique functions they are mainly used outdoors.
Voltage210-250 V
Wattage100 W
Key FeaturesSuper Bright Light
Driver In Built
Weather Proof
Dust Proof
Rain Proof
Length27 Cms
Mounting TypeWall
Width24 Cms


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