Bosch Professional Telescopic Pole Bosch BT 350

Bosch BT 350 Professional Telescopic Pole

Bosch BT 350 140-350cm Telescopic Pole with Mounting Bracket
Easy to operate and robust for line and point laser levels
The Bosch BT350 Telescopic Pole gives you a much greater range of height adjustment in comparison to some laser level tripods that only extend to around standing height. It locks between the ceiling and floor, allowing you to adjust the working height of your BL 2L Laser Level up to 350cm above ground level.

Optimal stability is provided by the pole’s nonslip foot and head-plate, and by the robust clamp and metal bracket that are included. The BT350 can be used to achieve a more precise and symmetrical outcome when installing suspended ceilings, wall cabinets, power sockets and tiling.


Easy and fast fitting
High level of versatility due to holder and metal bracket
Easy fixing of line and point laser levels
Robust and stable aluminium construction
Ideal also in combination with the BM 1 Professional universal mount


Work Height: 140 ? 350 cm
Weight Approx: 2.5 kg
Sections: 3 What’s in the box
1x BT 350 Telescopic Pole
1x Holder (1619P04421)
1x Metal Bracket (1619P04420)

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Weight3 kg