Bosch Professional Holesaw Blade


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Bosch Professional Hole saw Blade

Jash Supplies Nigeria is the distributor of Bosch Power tools and accessories in Nigeria. Our Bosch Professional Hole saw blade has technology which brings the hatchets excellent working ability, which is more durable than other similar traditional hatchets.
Bosch High Speed Steel (HSS) Electricians Hole saw Set 9 Piece is set specifically for Electricians.

It features the sizes that electricians use every day and come in a sturdy plastic carry case. HSS Bi-Metal With 8% cobalt alloy for extreme resilience and long lifetime. It is used drilling in steel and cast iron, structural steel, alloyed and unalloyed aluminium, bronze, copper, PVC, acrylic glass and wood.

The cutting quality depends on the correct speed and the coolant used. The 9-piece electrician holesaw set consists of: 1 x 20mm ( 25/32 Inch ) HSS Holesaw 1 x 25mm ( 1 Inch ) HSS Hole saw 1 x 32mm ( 1 1/4 Inch ) HSS Holesaw 1 x 38mm ( 1 1/2 Inch ) HSS Hole saw 1 x 51mm ( 2 Inch ) HSS Holesaw 1 x 64mm ( 2 1/2 Inch ) HSS Hole saw 1 x 11mm Hexagon Socket Adapter ( Dia 32mm – 64mm ) 1 x 6.35mm Hexagon Socket Adapter ( Dia 20mm – 25mm ) 1 x Allen Key

Technical Details:

BIM 305mm/12″ – 18TPI


9 piece holesaw set

For the toughest demands

Quickly and steadily through a wide variety of materials

Designed to cut metal, mild steel, aluminium, plastic and plasterboard

Progressive tooth strip for high cutting performace and fast chip clearance

HSS bi-metal with 8% cobalt alloy for extreme resilience and long lifetime
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