Bosch GAX 18V-30 Professional Charger

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Bosch GAX 18V-30 Professional Charger

The GAX 18 V-30 multi-functional charging bay is the lithium-ion charging solution many tradespeople have been waiting for – a single battery charger for Bosch professional 10.8v AND 18v batteries! Also includes USB port for charging your smaller devices.


Dual bay charger for two different voltage batteries: 12v (10.8v) and 18v
USB port expands your chargers capabilities to allow USB device charging (max. 2.1A charging current)
Fast charging of one battery, then the other (first come first serve)
New 80 % Full HMI (human to machine interface) that indicates when the fast charge mode is finished
Wall mounting option with specially designed casing

2.0Ah 12v: 45 Mins
2.5Ah 12v: 65 Mins
4.0Ah 12v: 85 Mins
2.0Ah 18v: 45 Mins
3.0Ah 18v: 68 Mins
4.0Ah 18v: 85 Mins
5.0Ah 18v: 107 Mins
6.0Ah 18v: 130 Mins


Battery Voltages: 12v (10.8v) / 18v
Chargin Current: 3.0A
Sequential: Yes
Simultaneous: No
Size (cm): 19.5 x 12.5 x 8.2
Weight: 1.65 Kg
USB: Yes

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