25L Chemical Spill Kit

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         25L Chemical Purpose Spill Kit

Watch how 25L Chemical Purpose spill kit.

Download the 25L Chemical Purpose Spill Kit Manual here .pdf  

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         25L Chemical Purpose Spill Kit.

Our Spilltask 25 Litre Chemical Emergency Spill Kit Station is primarily for outdoor use for dealing with chemicals, hydrocarbons, solvents, and other organic liquids spills. Ideal for use:

  1. at bulk fuel and chemical storage
  2. waste chemical collection points
  3. fuel delivery points
  4. near high-risk areas such as rivers and canals.

However, due to its size, shape, and portability, this is an ideal spill kit for internal use and anywhere where volumes of liquids are stored, delivered, or received.

Container: Heavy-duty, UV stabilized highly visible, waterproof container.

INDUSTRY: 25L Chemical Purpose Spill Kit.

25L Chemical Purpose spill kit is suitable for the major manufacturing and processing companies, Aviation, Oil, and Gas, and is ideal for workshops and in areas where larger spills may occur.

USAGE:25 L Chemical Purpose Spill Kit.

25L Chemical purpose spill kit will clean up the whole spill at one time if you need to separate chemicals from water.

Step 1

Remove the contents of the spill kit from the plastic disposal bucket.  Set aside.

Step 2

Put on goggles, a face mask, and rubber gloves for protection.

Step 3

Using the barrier agent powder, encircle the area of spilled battery acid to prevent further spreading.

Step 4

Liberally apply baking soda to battery acid, floor, and barrier agent powder.  Apply more baking soda to any areas that show a “bubbling” reaction – continue until the reaction stops.

Step 5

Place the plastic container bag inside the bucket – the lip of the bag should cover the hand over the edges of the bucket.

Step 6

Apply backing powder to the inside walls of the plastic bag with a liberal layer on the bottom of the bag.

Step 7

Apply solidifier powder to the area of the spill – wait 10 minutes for the liquid to be absorbed.

Step 8

Using a broom and dustpan, sweep up all powder and dispose of it in the plastic container bag.

Step 9

Reapply baking soda to the entire area to neutralize any remaining battery acid – sweep into the dustpan and dispose of it in the plastic container bag.

Step 10

Seal plastic container bag.  Leave the bag in a plastic bucket container and seal the bucket.

Step 11

Mark the bucket with a hazardous waste sticker (included) and dispose of it properly.

If all steps were followed correctly, the area should now be safe to clean and mop with conventional methods.


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